Barn Rules

We ask that all visitors to the barn adhere to the following rules:


1. Help us make Oak Valley Stables a fun, friendly, supportive environment for all! Be nice to others, both people and horses, no exceptions. Treat other boarders, management, family, and guests (including their horses and property) with the same kindness and respect with which you would like to be treated, while at Oak Valley Stables, at shows or clinics and on social media.

2. Oak Valley Stables is at all times to remain a friendly place suitable for the entire family of the other boarders and clients. No belligerent, malicious, lewd, vulgar, profane or otherwise objectionable conduct or language will be tolerated. The conduct of everyone at Oak Valley Stables will at all times be dignified and civil. Failure to comply with this key rule will result in your being asked to leave Oak Valley Stables.

3. Children are welcome at Oak Valley Stables. However, please be respectful to our instructors, please pick up your child promptly at the end of their lesson. We do not offer child care services.

4. No smoking or drug use on Oak Valley Stables property.

5. All riders must sign a Oak Valley Stables Liability Release Waiver before handling or mounting any horse or pony on Oak Valley Stables property.

6. Don’t use or borrow things that aren’t yours unless you have permission from the owner.

7. If you move something, please put it back. If you open it, close it (doors, gates, etc.). If you turn it on (water, lights, heaters, etc), turn it off. If something breaks or needs attention, please let management know.

8. If someone does something clearly wrong AND it is a safety issue/hazard let the Barn Manager know. Don’t confront the person unless a horse or person is in immediate danger.


1. Ride at your own risk.

2. All riders must sign a Oak Valley Stables Liability Release Waiver before handling or mounting any horse or pony on Oak Valley Stables property.

3. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to supervise their children at all times when at Oak Valley Stables.

4. ASTM approved helmets must be worn by all riders at all times while mounted.

5. Appropriate, closed-toe footwear is highly recommended for everyone near the horses or stable.

6. Keep your horse on a lead at all times when out of the stall.

7. Do not leave horses unattended in arenas, wash racks or tie rail.

8. Do not tie horses to any gate or fence; it is dangerous!

Use of Facilities

1. Please close the driveway gate when you leave the barn.

2. Parking for boarders, clients, and guests is in the parking lot in front of the turnaround, outside the perimeter fence. Parking in the barn and turnaround is reserved for loading and unloading only. Please DO NOT block the driveway.

3. Clinics, lessons and special events may be offered. These events will have precedence in facility and horse usage. Management will keep you informed of these activities with as much advanced notice as possible.

4. If you give someone else permission to visit/handle/ride your horse when you are not on property, please let the Barn Manager know ahead of time. These visitors MUST sign a Oak Valley Stables Liability Release Waiver before they may handle or ride any horse.

5. New visitors bringing horses to Oak Valley Stables must make prior arrangements with Oak Valley Stables management, and must provide proof of current negative Coggins, and all vaccinations required of boarder’s horses (Tetanus, Rabies, West Nile, Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Influenza (Flu), Rhinopneumonitis (Herpes), Strangles, and microchip) BEFORE their horses may visit the property. Coggins paperwork MUST match the horse.

Horse Care

  1. All horses must have their halter, with a lead rope attached, hanging on the front of the stall at all times when they are in their stall (in case of emergency).

2. Don’t feed treats to any horse that you do not own unless you have permission from the owner.

3. Horses are fed twice daily. Do not help yourself to extra feed or hay.

4. If you are riding at feed time, we will leave your horse’s feed so that you may feed them after your ride and after they are cooled.

Facility Maintenance

1. Please keep the area in front of your stall neat. Personal items found in tie rails, wash stalls, riding arenas or paddocks will be placed in “lost and found.”

2. The tie rail and wash rack areas are to be kept free of grooming tools, equipment, hair, dirt, hay and manure. PLEASE clean up after yourself and your horse.

3. Please do not waste water; turn off water after use and use buckets whenever possible. Please coil hoses when you are done using them.

4. Any damage done to the barn, stalls or other facilities by your horse will be repaired at the horse owner/boarder's expense.

5. Please notify management of any necessary repairs, maintenance, problems, or needed supplies so that repairs may be made or problems remedied as soon as possible.

Arena Etiquette

1. Lessons being conducted by our trainers have priority and right of way in the arenas. Riders not in the lesson may be asked to “pull over” and wait in a safe area while students are jumping courses. If there is ever a question of control and safety, the trainer has the right to ask riders use only a designated portion of the arena or to leave the arena until the lesson is finished.

2. When riding during a lesson, ride at the level of the lesson (ie. no galloping or jumping during a walk/trot beginner lesson) unless you have specific permission from the trainer giving the lesson to do otherwise.

3. Always ride in control and be courteous of other riders around you. Remember to look out for less experienced riders.

4. Ask before taking down or moving jumps. Put them back as you found them when you are done.

5. Clean up after your horse when you have finished riding—put away all gear and remove all manure.

If you don’t do it at home….don’t do it at the Stable. Common sense and courtesy at all times.

Practicing safe riding principles and good barn etiquette can mean many years of happy, healthy riding enjoyment for you and your horse. Have fun and stay safe!